Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wonersh Park, Surrey

Wonersh Park (or Wonersh House), Surrey was a C17th brick house with later additions. Richard Gwynne was a retired clothworker from London who took possession of a part of the Wonersh estate in 1677 and subsequently converted a farm house opposite the church to become the first Wonersh House. This was later extended in the C18th (including the construction of the stables) and C19th (with the addition of a conservatory on the east front and adjoining 3 storey central block connecting the southern main house and long service wing to the north). These can be seen on the right hand side of this photograph.The main front to the left is most likely the original C17th structure, possibly modified. The architects Robert and James Adam were commissioned to redesign the interiors in 1767 but they were never executed. This view of the south front was taken from the eastern edge of the Park lake, today just south of half way between Wonersh Court (the old stable block to the house, now converted) and St John the Baptist church. The site of the house is now a grass field. The house was demolished between 1929 and 1935 (records show conflicting dates) due to its poor state of repair.